Foreign Fauna is an animation studio founded by award-winning directors Alicia Reece and Emory Allen. Our nimble and selective nature drives us to work with clients and partners that share our passion for crafting beautiful, moving stories.

Along with our colorful, impactful storytelling style, we bring our full consideration and expertise to every project—everything from gifs to broadcast spots to short films.

Alicia Reece
Emory Allen
Grace Rehbein

How We Work


The first step of every project actually has nothing to do with animation. We chat, we research, and rely on our expertise to ensure that our work aligns with your strategy.


Now that we have a deep understanding of what you're looking for, we craft what it looks like. This is where pencils meet paper, or in our case, tablet pens meet Cintiqs.


Once everyone's excited about the visual direction, we solidify the story beats and timing through storyboards and animatics.


This is the most labor intensive aspect of the whole process. Thankfully, the time spent in the previous stages takes out any guesswork so we can really get to work.

Final Delivery

We cheer, we high five, and we get some much needed rest after we deliver your beautiful, new animation!