Econ 1

Stanford University’s Hoover Institution asked us to help them revamp John Taylor’s Econ 1 series. Through a spirited approach and a custom-tailored visual style, we distilled complex information into simple, striking solutions. Three 20 minute lecture videos were trimmed down to three zen-like 5 minute chapters. What we’ve posted above is a cutdown of a few of our favorite moments from the series.

Our main goal was to infuse the videos with a personality that didn’t compete with the content. By combining bold colors with black and white photographic imagery, the look strikes a balance between bright and grounded.

Our team went on an economics crash course: learning and asking questions until we truly understood the course material. Having that depth of knowledge is necessary to ensure that John Taylor’s Econ 1 series is clear, understandable, and accessible.

Hoover Institution
Directed by
Foreign Fauna
Alicia Reece, Lindsey Stupica
Alicia Reece, Lindsey Stupica, Emory Allen
Audio Editing
Lester Young